Quinta-feira 2014




Abhay means “man without fear” in the Hindu dialect. Hugo is the name of the man behind this project which sees in djing his art. He discovered music when his father gave him a guitar by the age of 8. Since then he had participate as a drummer, vocals and guitar player in several garage bands with his friends. He is addicted to Psytrance culture since he started to go to the Good Mood Parties in Portugal in the beginning of the millennium. By the year of 2003, he started to mix at home and some private parties provided from him and his friends. In the beginning it was just a funny hobby but, Hugo started to feel that this feeling was getting more serious and bought his first DJ equipment and started to play in some bigger parties acting side by side with well recognized artists and working with some of the best event promoters in his country. His sets are characterized by a special deep and atmospheric selection, packed with what he considered the best way to fly with music… The recognition came and Abhay already played in almost parties from the greatest Portuguese producers alongside with artists like Ace Ventura, Captain Hook, Sensient, Liquid Soul, Dickster, Aphid Moon, Pixel, Talamasca, U-Recken, Tristan, Menog… In 2008 he was invited to join forces with the event producer Magic Dwarfs Motion Action and at the same year he joined Mutagen Records (UK) team by the hand of his friend DJ Mif. Since 2010, Dj Abhay represents also Groove Technology Records, a Portuguese psychedelic trance label, composed by artists from different styles but all of them with focus on Psytrance development. 2013 was a great year to Abhay… His first compilation, Time Warp arrived to the shops by the hand of Groove Technology Rec. You can find a carefully psychedelic choose with some of the new and classic Top psytrance artists in the World…