Terça-feira 2014




Born in 1981, Paulo Dinis soon decided to pursue a music career, and implemented at home what was going to be deeply built for later on. After a long period spinning just for friends, the opportunity came! We were in the year 2000 when he was invited do play every week in a nightclub in his local area. Since then, he never stopped touring across the coutry showing is work in clubs like Kadoc – Algarve, Pedra do Couto – Sto Tirso, Swing – Oporto, Alexanders – S. do Cacem, Pessidonio – Fig. Foz, VCI – Freamunde, Park Club – Vizela, Queens – Lx, Millenium – Faro, Club8 – Aveiro, Millenium – Faro, Imperio Romano – Marinha Grande, Box Club – V. Castelo, RS Klub – C. Caparica, W Disco – Lx, Faraó – Sta Cruz, S-Club – Castro Verde, Terra Lounge – Santo Domingo, Mangu Club – Punta Cana, Chill Out – Luanda (…) Playing next to names like; Lexicon Avenue, Silicone Soul, Chus & Ceballos, Roman Lieske, Tommy boy, Dj Rolando aka Aztec Mystic, Rob di Stefano, Luca Ricci, Tom Stephan aka Superchumbo, Brett Johnson, D-Formation, Pete Tha Zouk, Carlos Manaça, Maurel & Fauvrelle (…) Apart from djing, he also dedicates him self into music production under names like Di Paul and Redkone. Since 1999/2000 evolution started to take place within this area, having the support of other Dj’s / producers of the world dance scene…