Terça-feira 2014




Nuno da Silva, is one of the best informed person in the Portuguese Dance Music industry. He-s one of the main channels of music distribution to the well knowned national artists, supported in quality, innovation and talent ha has became an important , capable of surprising those who are more demanding in the circuit, just has he proof in the past with the work developed in Vinyl store´s. He has been in contact with all kinds of rhytms and melodies since early times that lead him to assume music as part of himself. Walked side by side with the community of today renowned national artists along with the beginning of the dance music movement he received a precious education that gather with his natural talent made him a respected professional in our days. Has a Dj the technique is something that is perfectly understood along with the massive work with the machines, abandoning hits he always conquers the dancefloor with his delicious choices. Nuno always give to the public the ultimate listening experience with well-worked tracks full of substance and stimulation capable of awake the best of the energies in the dancefloor into a seductive tonal trip. At the same time he-s one of the leads of Discomundo and VinylMarket. Porto records store, he also maintains a close relation with the most recent Portuguese label —Unless Records & Lajja Recordings of his good friends Frank Maurel( Unless Records & Lajja Recordings ) and Carlos Fauvrelle, ( Lajja Recordings ) ( Meridua Recordings ) which have been marking a position in the national as well in the international market of outstanding value. Together with the crowd he looks forward to achieve the main sound experience always possible when standing in front of a pulsating groove dancefloor… Be There!! Dance With Me…